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Enviro-Stewards' Holistic Approach

Flipping the paradigm to achieve unexpected results.

Enviro-Stewards is reframing the conversation about sustainability and business.

Our approach is unlike that of most consultants. Instead of performing a traditional audit with a specific focus on solving your end state dilemma, we examine the root cause in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

We don’t believe in a band-aid approach, as it doesn’t solve the problem. Our experience has shown us that your business will struggle with ongoing resource and financial concerns if you only address the symptoms without mitigating the source of the problem.

Enviro-Stewards takes a holistic approach and conducts a full-spectrum assessment and implementation focused on prevention, resource conservation, and improving your bottom line.

Our Process


Enviro-Stewards’ engineers and scientists offer a consultative and analytical approach in order to implement practical, measurable, and economically feasible solutions to guide your organization to long-term, sustainable, and financial success.

Our process is collaborative and designed to pair the expertise of your facility’s team with the experts on ours to achieve the best outcomes possible.

Step 1 – WHO

We begin by meeting with an assembled team of stakeholders from your organization. These stakeholders are typically from areas including upper management, engineering, QA/QC, plant supervision, and operators — the people who know your facility the best.

Step 2 – WHAT

We complete detailed systematic logging of utility consuming and waste generating processes to collect minute-by-minute data, prioritize alternatives, and verifiably quantify potential savings. This audit process typically takes two weeks.

Step 3 – WHY

We analyze the data and prepare material and energy balances to identify root causes to explain why waste is being generated in the first place. Then we focus on determining how the waste can be reduced or eliminated. We will prioritize the significant contributors to the problem you are trying to solve with corresponding data.

Step 4 – WHERE

We will develop a design and technical analysis of practical conservation alternatives that respect Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), food safety practices, and other appropriate protocols for your industry. We will define opportunities to adjust or reframe processes where improvement can be made.

Step 5 – WHEN

We will present comprehensive solutions to your stakeholders and develop the economic analysis, based on the proposed solutions and measurements logged at your facility. Finally, we will collaborate with your team to establish an implementation plan. All implementation plans are categorized and quantified to provide you with clear, measurable, practical, and feasible solutions.

Step 6 – HOW

The payback period of our opportunities averages 10.5 months. We will collaborate with your team to expedite implementation with our support. Implementation may include engineering design, funding applications, project management, commissioning, and post-implementation verification work.  

Our team will help you facilitate results that exceed expectations.

Enviro-Stewards is engineering change.

We are engineering change.

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