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Water Conservation

A unique, multi-faceted approach to saving water.

Enviro-Stewards takes a holistic approach and conducts a full-spectrum assessment and implementation focused on prevention, resource conservation, and improving your bottom line.

Enviro-Stewards’ approach is unlike that of most consultants. Instead of performing a traditional audit with a specific focus on solving your end state dilemma, we examine the root cause in order to develop innovative and sustainable solutions.

A significant portion of water consumption is interrelated with energy consumption (the water energy nexus) and effluent surcharges. Therefore, we conduct an assessment of your water usage in the context of a pollution prevention and energy efficiency audit.

Our comprehensive approach results in faster paybacks by integrating water conservation with associated pollution prevention and energy efficiency co-benefits — and ensures that your organization reduces water usage while meeting your municipal effluent discharge bylaws.

We also have extensive experience with municipal water conservation programs, such as Toronto’s Industrial Water Rate program (also known as the Block 2 program), which provides qualifying facilities located within the GTA with a water rate nearly 30% lower than the standard (Block 1) rate. There are many other regional water conservation programs that we have experience with, such as the Region of Waterloo’s Water Efficient Technology (WET) Program, York Region’s ICI Capacity Buyback & Incentive program, and the City of Guelph’s Water Smart Business program.

We develop and implement solutions to help your business save water and money with an average payback of less than 1 year.

Water Conservation Success story

Water Conservation

Dextran Products, a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Toronto, Ontario, was looking to slash their water use in order to save money, comply with municipal programs, and become a more socially-responsible company.

Enviro-Stewards conducted an integrated water and energy conservation plan in alignment with regulations and municipal programs. The results of this work were featured in Environmental Science & Engineering Magazine.

“We were astonished as we investigated and learned of the payback as a result of work by Enviro-Stewards,” said George Usher, Dextran Products technical director.

The integrated, holistic approach to the assessment resulted in the identification of potential water savings of $109,760/year (45,450 m3/year) and an additional $10,600/year in treatment chemical and natural gas savings. Additionally, there is the potential to sell $8,800 of sugar (fructose) if it can be filtered from Dextran’s process water. The measures implemented at Dextran have an average payback period of 0.3 years.

Enviro-Stewards is dedicated to the development of innovative solutions to achieve long-term resource and financial sustainability for businesses.

Stop paying for wasted water.

We are engineering change.

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