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“By implementing successful waste reduction strategies, Campbell Canada has identified opportunities and actionable solutions that often have a potential pay-off under one year. Many of the solutions are multi-layered, not only reducing loss on purchased services or ingredients, but the costs associated with managing the waste streams. Seeing this value to our business, we will continue to focus on these initiatives and maintain strong partnerships with experts like Enviro-Stewards, enabling us to stay current with customer expectations, be competitive in our production processes, and be innovative among industry, with our commitment to sustainability practices.”
Campbell Company of Canada
John Lillard
Project Leader Research & Development, Campbell Company of Canada
“We at PepsiCo Foods Canada held Engineering Design Summits at the University of Waterloo Campus in the summer of 2009 and spring of 2011 with the goal of advancing Sustainability Engineering for its facilities and processes to a goal that we call ‘Net Zero’. We were grateful to have the participation of Bruce Taylor and Enviro-Stewards who are creative out-of-the-box thinkers that we will continue to work with, as we work towards this bold goal in the future. Bruce and Enviro Stewards have impressed us with their engineering expertise in many areas, including water conservation and process water treatment methods and systems.”
Pepsico Canada
Helmi Ansari
Director Sustainability and Productivity, PepsiCo Foods Canada
“I am not a fan of consultants, they tend to take your watch and tell you what time it is. Enviro- Stewards are different. They toured our plant, found several areas where we could save water, and also asked where our biggest uses of water were. They then helped fill in the gaps and we got going. A great group of collaborative individuals.”
George Usher
Owner, Dextran Products Limited
We are engineering change.

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