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Enviro-Stewards was recently featured in the first in a series of reports aimed at helping leaders of Canadian organizations to better understand and benefit from the risk and opportunities presented by the environmental sustainability challenge.  This Manufacturing 2011 Report is the product of a collaboration between the Royal Bank and Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME).

Enviro-Stewards’ pollution prevention work at Trimac Transportation was featured in a case study relevant to Ontario’s new toxics reduction act (Page 13 of report).

In discussing areas of opportunity and lost value, Enviro-Stewards’ President, Bruce Taylor, P.Eng., was quoted as saying:

Most manufacturers only account for the cost of disposing of material or complying with a regulation, buty they also need to take it back tothe actual lost production value of the ingredient in the first place.  For example, in the food and beverage industry, manufacturers recognize the thousands of dollars worth of surcharges they may have to pay to their local municipality to destroy organics in the sewer treatment system, but they routinely ignore the lost production value of that material.  “it might cost you a half a cent per kilogram to destroy the material, but it costs you a buck or two a kilogram to buy it and then flush it down the drain.”

We are engineering change.

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