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The BLOOM Sustainability Leadership Award is a national award created to recognize organizations that excel in strategy, actions and outcomes.  PepsiCo Foods Canada is an inspiring sustainability leader in Canada.  Their bold commitment to Net Zero broaden our understanding of the possibilities of sustainability such as imagining a potato chip factory that runs entirely on the water reclaimed from the potatoes they cook.

PepsiCo Foods backs up this commitment through engineering design summits with their internal champions, academics, and selected engineers.  They realize the gains from these summits with strategy sessions and implementation of practical measures to conserve water as they advance towards the Net Zero goal.

PepsiCo also has an understanding of social justice as they sponsored the construction of 10 BioSand filters in South Sudan, Africa that are purifying more than 200,000 litres per year of water and avoiding at least 30 tonnes per year of greenhouse gas emissions (that would otherwise have been necessary to boil a portion of this water to make it safe to drink).

Finally, PepsiCo Foods generously shares their learning and their time to encourage and promote sustainability in the broader community.  PepsiCo’s Director of Sustainability and Organizational Capability, Helmi, passionately speaks to broad ranges of audiences.  Helmi’s talks inspire those embarking on the sustainability journey as well as seasoned professionals to work towards a world where we can all have enough, for all, forever.

We are engineering change.

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