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Enviro-Stewards’ founder has been contributing to PepsiCo Foods’ journey to Net Zero through Engineering Design Summits.  On June 24, 2011, Enviro-Stewards hosted Frito Lay Cambridge’s Net Zero Water Strategy Team in their new Boardroom.

“We at PepsiCo Foods Canada held Engineering design Summits at the University of Waterloo Campus in the summer of 2009 and spring of 2011 with the goal of advancing Sustainability Engineering for its facilities and processes to a goal that we call “Net Zero”.

We were grateful to have the participation of Bruce Taylor and Enviro Stewards (along with other select industry experts) who are creative out of the box thinkers that we will continue to work with as we work towards this bold goal in the future.

Bruce and Enviro Stewards have impressed us with their engineering expertise in many areas including water conservation and process water treatment methods and systems.”

– Helmi Ansari, Director Sustainability and Productivity, PepsiCo Foods Canada

Enviro-Stewards’ office is located in a renovated 100 year old Furniture factory in Elmira, Ontario.  During 2011, our staff grew by more than 25% and additional floorspace became available to us.  This space includes a new boardroom with sustainable design features such as:

Frito Lay Cambridge Net Zero Water Strategy Session Participants:

Helmi Ansari, Director Sustainability and Productivity

Ryan Verschuere, Sustainability Intern

Bruce Taylor, President, Enviro-Stewards

Ryan Merrick, Sustainability Resource

We are engineering change.

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