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Photo (left to right): Mark Powell (Water Power Group), Andrew Lanesmith (Enviro-Stewards), Bruce Taylor (Enviro-Stewards), Joyce Sou (MaRS), Sandra Reimer (Reimer Reason Communications), Nolan Andres (PeaceWorks Technology Solutions), Arlene Whitmore (Clean Focus Renewables).

Representatives and friends of several Ontario B Corps assembled at Enviro-Stewards’ Elmira office on February 14th to meet one another and to learn more about the B Corp movement in Canada.  Certified B Corporations are companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

Photo: Joyce Sou (MaRS) discusses the growth of B Corporations in Ontario.

Joyce Sou (Manager, B Corporation and Social Impact Metrics at MaRS Discovery District) provided an excellent overview of the current B Corp movement in Canada.  To date, there are 39 B Corps in Canada (20 in Ontario, 15 in BC, and 4 in Alberta).

The group also discussed ways to promote the B Corp movement and encourage companies to become certified B Corporations.  Local and national media coverage, as well as networking with suppliers and customers, were just a few of the ways that the B Corp movement can grow in Ontario.  If you would like to learn more about how to become a certified B Corporation, please visit the B Corp website here.

Photo: Mark Powell describes the services his company, Water Power Group, provides.
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