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Enviro-Stewards Inc. is the proud recipient of a Clean50 Award, which is an award created and stewarded by Delta Management that honours and connects outstanding contributors to sustainable development and clean capitalism in Canada. Our nomination for a Top Clean Capital Project in Canada for 2020 was made by the Walmart Foundation and Provision Coalition and highlights the prevention assessments completed by our team at 50 food and beverage processors across Canada.

Food Waste Prevention Project

You can read more details about this award-winning project on the Clean50 website.

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About Clean50

Leading sustainability and clean tech search firm Delta Management Group in 2011 founded, and remains the steward of the Canada’s Clean50 awards. The awards were created to annually identify, recognize and connect 50 sustainability leaders, 10 Emerging Leaders and Top 20 Projects from every sector of Canadian endeavor. The firm also annually convenes the Clean50 Summit, in order to facilitate understanding, collaboration and innovation in the fight to keep human caused climate impacts below 1.5 degrees.

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