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Enviro-Stewards was retained by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) to assist with the design and implementation of drinking water source protection measures in the Mississauga area.  Three industrial/commercial sites participated in the program, and the pollution prevention measures that Enviro-Stewards facilitated are detailed in recently published case studies.

The case studies can be downloaded by clicking on the following links:

Enviro-Stewards also recently assisted in leading tours of the above facilities during CVC’s “Making it Work” conference.  Photos from the site tours can be viewed below.

Dave (Armstrong Manufacturing) explains his company's reasons for participating in the source protection project.
Bruce Taylor (Enviro-Stewards) and the rest of the tour participants at the Bernardi site.
A spill containment sump installed at Bernardi's truck fuelling station.
Ted (Unifay-Fedar) explains the source protection measures implemented throughout his property.
Ted (Unifay-Fedar) explains the source protection measures implemented on his property.
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