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The Safe Water Project is designed to empower communities to sustainably provide safe water.  This work, initiated by Enviro-Stewards, is featured in the Kitchener Record newspaper.

The article accurately portrays the tension between traditional charity based models that tend to foster dependence and compared to development based approaches that foster capacity building.  For example, Matthew who is mentioned in the article lived most of his life in a refugee camp but is now equipping other entrepreneurs to develop and operate their own Safe Water Projects.

One correction to the text of the article is that Bruce Taylor did not invent the biosand filter.  Biofilter technology has been around for centuries and David Manz of the Center for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) developed the household sized version employed by biosand filter projects around the world.  Enviro-Stewards’ innovation was to develop a business based delivery model (rather than charity) that involves technical training, business training and training of Community Health Agents to help people understand the cost savings available to them through drinking safe water.  Additional information is available at

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