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Dear friends and clients:
We have some exciting news to share with you! You will, of course, be familiar with our Enviro-Stewards brand and logo:
Our original logo was established in the spring of 2000 to reflect our strong sense of responsibility to care for creation through the work we pursue.  It has served us well and many of us feel great affection for this logo, but the time has come for an update to it. We are currently celebrating 18 years of steady growth, and to mark this milestone we are thrilled to officially announce to you that we have rebranded! So, we are pleased to present our new logo:
Our new logo pays homage to the original while being a bit more clean and modern, which we think will resonate with the innovative companies that we are excited to work with.  A huge thanks to Flipside Creative for their amazing work developing a brand and logo that will carry us into the future.

The tag line Engineering Change captures the idea we are so passionate about: we want to prevent waste before it happens – whether that’s wasted water, energy, or valuable ingredients.  For example, significant energy conservation at Southbrook Vineyards resulted in the need for 1/3 less solar panels, which preserved vineyard space (and 50 cases per year of VQA wine for all of us to enjoy)!

The roll out of the new branding begins today!  Please check out our refreshed website (created by Intrigue Media) as well as the first case study created with our new branding (Maple Leaf Foods Case Study).

We would like to thank you again, our friends, customers, and champions, for your continued support and assistance with fulfilling our mission of cultivating resilient businesses and improving lives in extraordinary ways.
For the most recent tracking of our progress to date, please visit our annual public benefit statement.  We were also honoured to be selected by B lab as one of the Best Companies for the World, by the UN Global Compact Network Canada for their Sustainable Development Goal award and by Clean50 for their top sustainability project award for 2018.

Safe Water Project Adapts for Scaleable Growth
During February 2018, members of Enviro-Stewards travelled to Malawi to participate in the African Biofilter Implementers Network (ABINET) conference.  The conference was attended by managers of biosand filter projects from ten African countries.

Due to their charity-based project models, the pace of donations presently limits the number of people that each of the projects can provide with safe water.  Therefore, they allocated one day of the conference for Enviro-Stewards to provide social venture model training based on the success of the Safe Water Projects operating in South Sudan and Uganda.

Enviro-Stewards preventative based approach to providing safe water was also featured in a TEDx talk entitled Better than Charity that has received 1,000 views since it was uploaded 2 weeks ago.

Based on the interest expressed in the Social Venture model at the ABINET conference and by viewers of the TEDx talk, we are adapting the Safe Water Project in order to facilitate scalable growth.  Specifically:
  • We are in the process of encapsulating our biosand filter social venture training materials and making them available online (for free).
  • We are in the process of encapsulating our safe water kiosk model (for urban treatment systems to sell refillable large bottles of purified water).
  • We are in the process of creating version 3 of the Safe Water Project boardgame (used to teach business principles) so that it can quickly adapt to ne project locations and new prices.  For the first time the game will have a game/simulation mode and as well as an operational mode that can help with realtime business planning.
  • We are seeking foundations willing to partner with us now that the projects are ready to be able to scale up our beneficial impact based on such input.    If you are aware of any foundations that may be interested in collaborating in this work, please let us know.
We are engineering change.

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