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The Sustainability Applied 2011 conference recently took place in Windsor, Ontario, from June 9th to 10th.  During the conference, Enviro-Stewards had the honour of providing a Sustainability Credit to six of the conference attendees, including the June 9th Gala’s three keynote speakers.  Each Sustainability Credit purchases a locally-constructed BioSand filter in South Sudan that will provide at least 20,000 litres per year of safe drinking water to South Sudanese families and communities and avoid at least 3 tonnes of Greenhouse Gas emissions (and deforestation) that would otherwise be needed to boil a portion of this water to make it safe to drink.

The recipients of the Sustainability Credits were:

The Honourable John Wilkinson, Minister of the Environment

Andrew Bowerbank, Chairman, EC3 Initiative

Nadine Gudz, Director, Sustainability Strategy, InterfaceFLOR

Bob Willard, Speaker, and Author of Resources for Sustainability Champions

Cam Metcalf, Executive Director, Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center

Mario Sonego, Engineer and Corporate Leader for Environmental Protection and Transportation, City of Windsor

Above photo (left to right):  The Honourable John Wilkinson (Minister of the Environment), Bruce Taylor (President, Enviro-Stewards), Kevin Jones (President & CEO, BLOOM)

Above photo (left to right):  Bruce Taylor (President, Enviro-Stewards), Bob Willard (Speaker & Author)

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