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We’re proud to share two amazing opportunities we’ve had to tell our story to a wider audience.

1. Regional Sustainability Initiative Masters Level Video Feature

Enviro-Stewards was featured in the Regional Sustainability Initiative’s Masters Level video, where we discuss our focus on preventing problems before they happen, our thoughts on Waterloo Region, and more. Click here to read Sustainable Waterloo Region’s press release and to watch the video (or view the video directly here).

2. Podcast Interview on Green Economy Heroes

Bruce Taylor (President of Enviro-Stewards) sat down for an interview with Dianne Saxe on her “Green Economy Heroes” podcast. The title of the podcast is “Efficiency: the best investment” where Dianne and Bruce discuss funding clean water in Africa by saving clients energy, water, resources and money here in North America. Click on you preferred podcast provider below to listen to the interview:

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You can read the full press release here (or click on the press release image below).


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