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COVID-19 Update – Essential Workspaces


At midnight on March 24th, Ontario will be closing at-risk workplaces to protect health and safety (link). As an engineering firm, Enviro-Stewards has been included on the list of essential workspaces:

  1. Professional services including lawyers and para-legals, engineers, accountants, translators;

This memo outlines the portions of our services that can be particularly helpful/essential at this time and our approach to minimize health and safety risks related to COVID-19.

Our Essential/Helpful Services

Many of our clients produce essential services (food, hand sanitizer, etc.). Our services are designed to support them in achieving their mission.

For example:

Capacity Analysis and Enhancement

As facilities increase production of essential products, supporting services such as refrigeration, boilers, compressed air, and ventilation/dehumidification can approach their limits.

Metering & analysis can quantify how much system capacity remains and quantify quick and practical enhancements to increase capacity.

Increasing Product Yield

As supply chains are stretched, challenges in sourcing ingredients can limit output.

Food & Beverage loss prevention can increase output for a given input by up to 10% (link).

Engineering & Implementation Support

Due to increased production and staffing shortages, facility engineering & maintenance time can be consumed just “keeping the wheels on.”

With our engineering team’s knowledge of production processes, we provide technical support (such as sourcing equipment, supervising contractors, and commissioning assistance). Similarly, we can address environmental requirements on your behalf (ECAs, NPRI, sewer rebates, wastewater treatment, etc.) to free up your staff for work on core initiatives.

Capital Expenditure (Capex) Streamlining

With the business landscape changing by the day, many capital expenditure plans are no longer current.

Engineering analysis can determine current and projected needs as well as quantifying value-added opportunities to improve the business case for capital projects.

Cost Avoidance

With global belt tightening and supply chain costs, margins are under pressure.

Ingredient, water, and energy conservation reliably increases profit. In fact, our overall average for such work is a 1-year payback. Embedding such efficiency in facilities protects their ability to thrive.

Our COVID-19 Risk Reduction Strategy

Until circumstances change, approximately 90% of our staff will be working remotely from their homes. Hence, it is easiest to contact our staff through email or cell phone. However, our switchboard will also be remotely monitored and messages will be passed on to our staff.

Each day that an employee comes to our office and/or works at a client’s facility, they are required to take their temperature that morning. In case of fever, they are prohibited from working at the office or at a client’s facility. They are also prohibited if they:

To date, none of our staff have needed to be quarantined.

You can view our official update here.

We are engineering change.

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