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On March 5th, Grand River CarShare officially opened its Elmira expansion at a media event with Enviro-Stewards. Enviro-Stewards was pleased to play a role in helping to make shared cars available in Elmira.  As a certified B Corporation, our articles of incorporation compel us to consider the environment and society in addition to financial aspects when we make decisions.  Rather than procuring a company vehicle that would sit idle much of the week,  we prefer to host an energy efficient CarShare vehicle to serve our needs, reduce our footprint, and provide a valuable service to the local community.

There are currently two CarShare cars located in Elmira:  A Toyota Prius Hybrid C (parked in front of the Enviro-Stewards office at 1 Union Street) and a Toyota Matrix (stationed at the Woolwich Memorial Centre, on Snyder Ave).

Enviro-Stewards will predominantly use the Toyota Prius to commute to project meetings and other work-related travel, which will reduce the environmental footprint of our business associated with vehicle use.

Bruce Taylor (president of Enviro-Stewards) tries the new keyless entry system for the CarShare vehicles as Matthew Piggott (CarShare Member Services Coordinator) looks on.

You can read more about the Elmira Expansion on Southwest and the Elmira Observer Xtra.

If you woud like to learn more about Grand River CarShare or to see the nearest vehicle to your home or office, you can visit their website at

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