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An Award-Winning Partnership

At the conclusion of Sustainable Waterloo Region’s 10th annual evening of recognition, Conestoga Meats & Enviro-Stewards were honoured to share 2018’s Best Partnership award.  Their partnership commenced in 2012 when Enviro-Stewards worked with Conestoga Meats’ team to identify practical water & energy conservation opportunities.  Conestoga Meats subsequently implemented many of the opportunities.

Photo from Sustainable Waterloo Event
Tova Davidson (Sustainable Waterloo Region), Steve Keczem (Conestoga Meats), Bruce Taylor (Enviro-Stewards), Dave Fox (Enviro-Stewards), Dr. Barry Colbert (Sustainable Waterloo Region, Chair, Board of Directors)

2018 Best Partnership Award

In 2018, Conestoga Meats & Enviro-Stewards partnered again on a food loss prevention assessment.  Enviro-Stewards staff together with Conestoga Meats’ green team identified opportunities to save 50,000 kg/yr of food.  This is equivalent to 19,489 meals/yr of food and 400 tonnes per year of embedded greenhouse gases (GHG).  Throughout the supply chain, these opportunities will save the equivalent of 300,000 m3/yr of water (which is equivalent to more water than half of the water that the entire meat packing facility presently consumes).

The partnership was featured at the 2.5 minute mark of a video prepared by Sustainable Waterloo Region and a case study prepared by Provision Coalition.

Photo of award
Photo of award.


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